Why giraffes have long necks. A play about greed and its consequences. Why the climate suddenly changes. Dance, music, acting – in German. A co-production with IyASA/ZIMBABWE.


Zusammen in Girafika (Sonke Girafika)
Warum? (Yini Ndaba)
Haltet Sie auf! (Lamula)
Erinnere Dich (Khumbula)
Seid glücklich Freunde (Thambani Bangane)
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After an African Story by Chris Mlalazi, adapted and rewritten by Ch. Picco Kellner, suitably for children. Topics like greed, the division of resources and responsibility are being discussed playfully in a humorous way. Played by the Dance and Vocal-Ensemble IyASA/ZIMBABWE together with an actress and puppeteer from the THEATRO PICCOLO. The play is performed in German language and reflected in the music and expressive choreographies by the artists from Africa. A cheerful black and white mixture of dance, acting, puppet theater and plenty of vibrant music.


A long time ago the animals of Girafika lived together in peace and harmony. The giraffes still had short necks and they could even climb trees. Which enabled them to not only graze the crop but also pluck the leaves off the trees. But the Giraffes were very greedy! Hardly a single tree was spared. And once the leaves were eaten, the tree decayed inevitably. And because without trees there was no more shade, the meadows dried up beneath the burning sun and soon hunger ruled the land. On their search for food little by little every single animal changed its behavior and they became reckless and greedy. Only the monkey thought about the future of Girafika when suddenly an unknown being appears: somehow related to the monkey and it walked on two legs. Can it avert the coming Catastrophy? A thrilling and touching story about greed and its consequences which should concern all of us – because Girafika is everywhere.


For kids over 4 | Length: 55 Minutes | Available as audio drama CD with music

Acting, dance, puppet theater, vocals & live music | Screenwriter: Ch. Picco Kellner | with: Ghwyne S. Vizvary (Acting) & Ensemble IyASA (Acting, dance & Vocals) | Composition & Choreography: Innocent N. Dube | Director: Eva Billisich | Costume: Tana Eilmsteiner | Stage: Ch. Picco Kellner | Pictures: Marianne Weiss, Carina Ott