Mr. K. Roko is a friendly crocodile. But that does not help him much! A play about bullying, prejudice, and cosmopolitanism. In German language. A co-production with IyASA/ZIMBABWE.

„Get in line!“ and „Keep your distance!“ – Mister K. Roko more and more often hears that. Though he behaves exactly like all the others, only it doesn’t help much at the moment. He is a Crocodile and this has disastrous consequences even in the animal community. Through hate-motivated newspaper comments, hoaxes and bigotry Mister K. Roko continues to get pressured as a scapegoat for everything. A development that should be taken seriously. Not even the most cheerful disposition can fix that. It is time to change something. But how?

A play about mobbing, prejudice and open-mindedness. It is performed with live-sized puppets in a bright-jazzy scenery. The language spoken on stage is English – the music is African. Bubbly & strong, serious & playful all at once.


Mister K. Roko is a friendly Crocodile. He dreams of lily ponds, dutifully drinks his Good-Morning-Tea, ties his own tie and goes to work. But already in the Bakery he notices discomfort among the other animals. Nobody talks to him. And on the bus everyone avoids him. On his way through the park the animals even mob him. What happened? In disbelief he asks himself where all this fear and all those prejudices are coming from. Eventually Mister K. Roko decides to spend the day at the „indoor pool“. And actually everything would be fine – if it weren’t for the Zoo-goers who anxiously and curiously watch him.


For kids over 6 | Length: 50 Minutes

Acting, puppet theater, dancing, singing & live music | Author: Ch. Picco Kellner & Eva Billisich | with: Martin Beck & Ensemble IYASA/Zimbabwe | Composition & Choreography: Innocent N. Dube | Director: Ch. Picco Kellner | Stage: Nico Oest & Ch. Picco Kellner | Costumes & Puppets: Nico Oest | Pictures: Carina Ott