Stories from Africa – told, danced, and sung! A delicious mixture of European narrative art and African temperament! A Co-production with IyASA/ZIMBABWE.

In this Co-production between the THEATRO PICCOLO and the african group IyASA/ZIMBABWE show three stories out of Africa’s fable-repertoire are being shown.

The course of those tales is being told by an Ensemble-Member of the THEATRO PICCOLO in English language.

The dancers & musicians from IyASA/ZIMBABWE capture the contents and transform them into powerful dance-choreographies, strong-voiced songs and vibrant drum-rhythms. Through the shift between narration and strong, non-verbal expression, atmospheric pictures are created, which will transport anybody into the world of Africa.
Danced stories which everyone understands and stay in mind for a long time!


At the beginning of the story Africa is being introduced. How big is Africa even? How do the people live there? And which animals can you meet in the desert or in the jungle? The last question leads directly to some of Africa’s most popular tales, for example, the story of how the intelligent tortoise races the arrogant ostrich. The second fable is being told by a baboon who, even in great drought, won’t allow any other animal to drink from his waterhole. And then there is the deceitful Hyena, who suffers from a momentous encounter with a little rabbit up to this day.
The fables are old, African cultural assets and are being told down to the present day. In a modified version some have even made their way as far as Europe.


For kids over 4 | Length: 55 Minutes

Acting, dancing & singing | Idea: Ch. Picco Kellner| with: Martin Beck or Corinna Pumm (Acting & Narrating) IyASA Ensemble (Acting, dancing, singing and music) | Composition & Choreography: Innocent N. Dube| Director: Ch, Picco Kellner | Pictures: Marianne Weiss