the Critics

… swift, child-friendly and sympathetically implemented, the songs are so catchy, they stay in your mind and spread unrestricted joy … the brilliant music trio is so involved in the course of the piece and delivers not only musical, but also optical and humorous gusto … A highly recommended masterpiece … ” Klein & Kunst, Vienna

” Theatro Piccolo took part in the opening gala of the Komische Oper Berlin…. Cheering children, laughing adults ….” Die Welt, Germany

A funny story, told in a nice and loving way! The everydays topic „She wants a Baby – he doesn’t!“ brought to paper in a cleverly, carefully and subtile… Arge Jugendliteratur und Medien, Ludwigshafen, Germany

“Maybe it really IS so exciting when a clown couple have a baby wish….. and then finally get one. Full of action and witty ideas … ” Schulblatt für die Kantone Aargau und Solothurn, Switzerland

“More than one thousand children sat as quiet as a mouse, although sometimes not being able to prevent themselves from stamping on the floor of the stalls and stands.” Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin





Piccolino is a very charming guy in his austrian leather pants, the oversized hat, the blue-white hooped socks and his blue plastic-sandals. And ahead of all others the movements  are so naturally and human which are rarely possible with a puppet… touching and rousing music, a sophisticated stage design…Vorarlberger Nachrichten, Austria

“The many children who expected so much from the Theatro Piccolo … were paid in full!” NÖN, Austria

“Billisich, Lederer and Kellner showed with humour, their love of singing, wonderful improvisation and originally used puppetry. Altogether a definite fast-paced alternative to today’s choice of children’s television… a child-friendly call for the use of more fantasy in an ever more ruthless and gesticulating world … ” Der Ennstaler, Austria

“More than one hundred children were absolutely thrilled by Charlotte Ringlotte … not only the acting, but puppetry and a wonderful collection of songs made absolutely sure that the day was an unforgettable experience for the children.” Kurier, Austria