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The ThEATRO PICCOLO has been sailing through the waves of the turbulent cultural landscape for 30 years. Free after William Shakespeare, inspired by artistic visions, we maneuver our theatre ship safely into every harbour, no matter how small. On board a crew of twelve, made up of professional artists from the fields of acting, dance, film, and music.

What drives us is the irresistible power of culture, which like a motor promotes our own abilities for change and personal development. Culture sets all senses in motion, connects thinking, acting, and feeling and enables individual expression and creative involvement on different levels.

In a time that is characterized by a flood of information and constant reorientation, culture seems to us to be a particularly valuable treasure to transport current topics and make them understandable for children and young people, because: Culture makes you smart – we are convinced of that! How talented and expressive someone can become does not only depend on the school curriculum.

Therefore, we want to arouse interest and curiosity with our plays and offer a playful and humorous approach for everyone in order to facilitate participation in social, societal and cultural processes – not with pre-set answers but by asking unconventional questions, not with one-sided solutions but by showing a variety of possibilities.

And one more thing: Culture connects – this experience has accompanied us in the stormy cultural business like a trustworthy lifebelt from the very beginning!

News from the CORONA-THEATER!

A difficult time has dawned for the theatre. Due to the continuing ban on events until the summer, the theatre has come to a complete standstill for the time being. Many performances have already had to be cancelled, and the planned spring tour with IYASA/Zimbabwe has unfortunately been postponed indefinitely, as the uncertain Corona situation in Africa means that no concrete plans can be made at present.

For the theatre this is threatening its very existence! So, we look anxiously but also confidently into the future and hope for the resumption of the season from autumn on.  We are currently trying to make up for the cancelled 90 performances from the spring day after day between September and December 2020. In addition, we are planning a premiere in November. A full programme then.

For all this we need you as our partners more than ever! Because only with your cooperation can the theatre business & cultural education for children continue to exist.  We are in discussion with many communities, offices, schools, theatres, organisers, and cultural initiatives to plan new performance dates for 2020/21, many of which have already been scheduled. Here you can find the current performance schedule under “Dates”.

We would like to thank you very much for the great wave of solidarity and the supportive approach from all sides! The appeal not to give up and to carry on, as well as a “pat on the back” by phone, really does you good and gives you courage. – This applies for example to offices with statements like “You are our children, we take care of you” or a school director from Lower Austria who answers the phone with “Hello, Jack Nicholson here” because he feels as abandoned and lonely in the empty corridors of the school as he did in the film Shining. – Phone calls like this keep us and the humour alive; it is good that they exist!

So, we carry on, plan, write, build puppets, and stage sets, compose, shoot videos, renew the homepage and work on a new play.  No, we are not bored!

We trust that you will remain loyal to us and that together we will manage to keep up the cultural life and continue to provide children & families with stimulating, exciting & groovy, rocking & rousing theatre experiences! Live just stays live!

How would Nadja Bernhard say: “This is how we get it done!” And that is exactly what we intend to do!

Thanks for your support and all the best for the next time and… – stay healthy!

Your Theatro Piccolo Team


Theatre plays with lots of live music | stage sets as well as sound & light equipment including | 200 performances per year | mobile both throughout Austria and internationally on tour | supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Offices of Vienna and Lower Austria | books & radio play CDs available for most theatre plays