… founded and runs the Theatro Piccolo since 1991

He studied theatre studies in Vienna and cooperated in several projekts in literature, music and theatre in Austria.

He is the author of about 20 plays for the theatre, including some book publications. He also writes lyrics and prosa for adults and is a screenwriter.

He worked as an actor and a puppeteer for Viennese Urania Puppet-Theater, the Dschungel Wien and the Kabarett Trittbrettl for about 10 years. For example he worked with and for the “Song Song Song Theater” Taiwan, the Little Orange Castle Theatre Shenzhen all over China and since 12 years with Iyasa Zimbabwe in Africa and Europe.

As a movie actor he took part in several films as “Hinterholzacht” and “Vietelliterklasse”.

As an illustrator he does drawings for children-books, just as “Piccolino”, “Charlotte Ringlotte” and “Ananas Bananas” to mention a few.

He also is a musician in the theatre, he is composing and playing the mandoline and guitar. He is a member of bands like “One World Projekt”, “No Chicken in the Bus” and is an associated member of “Gomera Street Band”.