A lard free Christmas play about the flying Christmas pig Odu and his adventures around Christmas Eve. Accompanied by cartoon sequences and many songs.


Es schneit
O Du Udo
Wir sind schneller
Fröhlichs Schweinacht
Weihnachten im Süden

A completely incense and calorie-free Christmas play to enjoy. Home-made Christmas songs are being served in slush Theatrical passages, surrounded by a topping made of crisp Puppetry. Thereto we offer a sugar-sweet animation as a supplement – Film, concert and stage play with ultimate flavour. All of this is generously peppered, humored and garnished with a self-ironic wink. A pleasurable Christmas play about dreams and about why it is import to believe in oneself – in general and especially at Christmas time.


The tiny piglet Odu Fröhlich celebrates Christmassy with his Family in the land of pigs. But nobody has time for Odu. Outside are heaps of snow and so he frolics around all alone. He builds snow-pigs, skids down hills faster than any other piglet, jumps backwards in the snow and swings his arms up and down. And then somethings strange happens to Odu. A Christmassy miracle? Did he really grow wings? Odu is flying! He watches the snow fall and the people hurry along from above. It is an amazing feeling! As long as the bleating sheep don’t annoy him with their Shopping-mania! And as long as Odu doesn’t bump into the hectic crow, whom he instantly has to race. And with airplanes in great height and its passengers is not to be trifled with either, on Christmassy eve. Odu flies higher and higher, he’s thrown from one turbulence into the next and starts to doubt his ability. Just right before he wants to turn back already, he stumbles upon his grand task: It’s Christmassy! Wonderful! And incredibly important! He beats his wings and flies ahead with a cheerful heart, flap, flap, flap…


For Kids over 4 | Length: 55 Minutes | Available as audio drama CD with music & as book

Acting & Puppet theater, live music and movie projections| Author: Eva Billisich| Screenplay: Ch. Picco Kellner|with: Doris Walentin & Christian Himmelbauer (Acting & Puppet theater) and Robby Lederer (Music & Technology) | Composition: Robby Lederer & Ch. Picco Kellner | Robby Lederer |Director: Christian Suchy | Pictures: Hans Eder