A play about contrasts, tolerance, and friendship. The turbulent and loving relationship between the meticulous woman Krebsenspeck and her unusual subtenant Wedel.


Kein Borstenschwein
Die Hausregeln
Wenn Ich A sag, sagt er B
Wedel & Krebsenspeck

What she says about him: „He’s loud! He doesn’t shower!
He’s cheeky and he doesn’t obey, ever! He’s unbelievable! He is…- just totally different!“
What he says about her: „She’s irritable! She is obsessed with cleaning!
She’s strict and she always issues orders! She is…- just totally different!“
Who would give this relationship another chance? Exactly! Because when „Birds of a feather flock together!“ becomes the prime principle, then otherness has no place. But what happens when one is willing to change his perspective and give in to something new. Curiosity? Sympathy? Tolerance? – As much can be said: If it’s true that opposites attract each other – then Wedel & Krebsenspeck’s turbulent love story is an endearing token.


Madame Krebsenspeck lives in a nice house. Everything is as it should be: tidy! Unfortunately nobody notices that because she lives by herself. And because she’s tired of being alone she decides to rent out a room. But the new subtenant is a real catastrophe! His name is Wedel, he smells, is cheeky and greedy, vandalizes the kitchen, chases squeaking rubber ducks, makes outrageously expensive long-distance calls and bites the postman.
Because what Madame Krebsenspeck didn’t know: He is a dog! And he really ruffles up her placid life! Could house rules help in this case?
A play about differences and tolerance.


For Kids over 4 | Length: 55 Minutes | Available as audio drama CD with music & as book

On request the play will be performed in an extended version with a live band.

Acting & Puppet theater, live music| Authors: Eva Billisich & Ch. Picco Kellner | with: Corinna Pumm & Christian Himmelbauer (Acting & Puppet theater) and Robby Lederer (Music & Technology) | Composition: Robby Lederer & Ch. Picco Kellner | Director: Christian Suchy | Pictures: Hans Eder, Carina Ott