A very hoppedihoppe music- & figure play about deceleration!
How the rabbit Rossi discovers his own speed! An amusing and hell driving roadmovie. Buckle up! Ready, set… stop!


Ich bin ein Hase
Wir sind die Schrecklichen
Hase und Igel
Die Geschwindigkeit
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Hase + Igel

Ein Musikvideo zum Lied “Hase & Igel” von Ch. Picco Kellner aus dem Stück Galoppala. Theatro Piccolo 2020. Made by Robby Lederers Videofabrik.

Ich bin ein Hase

Musikvideo aus dem Stück Galoppala. Text & Musik: Ch. Picco Kellner. Arrangement und Video: Robby Lederer

Hop, hop, gallop and – whoops! You‘ve landed on your nose. The everyday pace all around is getting faster and faster! So who can keep up? A rabbit maybe? But Kaminski, the hedgehog, wonders how he should do it? Even when his curving is not as perfect anyway. May he slow down a little? Maybe catch a breath? Maybe think a little? Or maybe even turn around?

Gallopala is a piece about discovering your own speed. For little rabbits the piece is understandable, funny and exciting. But it also remains interesting and entertaining for older rabbits. A fast and humorous search for deceleration! So be careful: Ready – set – STOP!


„Rossi! Not so fast, please, you are trampling over everything!”Says the Kaminski, the hedgehog. But rabbits have speed in their blood. They rush around without stopping and resting – up, down, over and turnip! They mostly have several things to do at the same time, and their greatest pride is to get everything finished – and to be finished! However: Rossi, the rabbit, is never as fast as he would like to be, because he has a dream: to be the fastest rabbit in the whole field! This can put you under a lot of pressure! So, stop for a moment and think about it! Hmmm?

This puppet & theatre play is exciting, racing with the pulse of time and includes not only lots of humor but lots of fast-paced live music as well!


For kids over 5 | Length: 55 Minutes

Acting, puppet theater & live music | Author: Eva Billisich & Ch. Picco Kellner | with: Martin Beck, Christian Himmelbauer (Acting & puppet theater) and Robby Lederer (Music & Technology) | Composition: Robby Lederer & Ch. Picco Kellner | Director: Eva Billisich | Pictures: Hans Eder | Illustration & Puppets: Ch. Picco Kellner | Stage & costume: Nico Oest | Mask: Sarah Anderl | Technology: Ben Kellner