The Tempest (Der Sturm) The wild fairy tale about forgiveness! A free interpretation of William Shakespears piece.
Awarded for “excellent artistic performance” from the ministry of culture, Austria. For kids from age 6.

Insults & temper tantrums! Sometimes vivid sparks fly here. Then a straw is enough to break the camel’s back and cause a storm surge. True to the Motto: „If I was king and master of the wind and somebody insulted me, I would send a storm, so that he sinks with man and dog!“ But how can one save oneself and get away from the roaring pull? What is there to do when sweet revenge suddenly tastes stale? With a lot of humor and the due respect, Shakespeare’s model is being staged, varying between acting, puppet and object-theater for kids. Rousing songs and lots of live music build the bridge between an old Classic and the young present. Cheeky, voluble, humorous and full of wild strength and the empathetic poetry of a great master. „We are such stuff as dreams are made on!“ – So: Open your eyes & start dreaming! Oh! Did somebody laugh? Hope so!


ThEATRO PICCOLO on the trail of Prospero’s. Banished by his brother Antonio, Prospero strands with his daughter Miranda on his anger and dream-island. From there he tries to play a trick of a particular kind on his brother. With the help of a little magic, Prospero subjugates the island and now the mighty ghosts of the isle obey him alone. And, what wonderful basis for a Storm-prank, there is, of all people, his Brother Antonio gliding by in his royal sailing ship. Just you wait! It crackles, it rustles, it scurries and snorts when Caliban, the moldy Earth-ghost is lurking. It whistles and roars, swirls and howls when Ariel, the Air-ghost, sparks a storm at Prospero’s command!

Goosebumps are rising! It shakes and shivers and stumbles and whispers when the ThEATRO PICCOLO struggles through the eloquent thicket of the dreamland by William Shakespeare. And what is Miranda doing? She falls in love with a prince. Someone look at that!


For kids over 6 | Length: 55 Minutes

Acting, puppet theater & live music | Author: Ch. Picco Kellner | with: Corinna Pumm & Ch. Picco Kellner (Acting & puppet theater) and Robby Lederer (Music & Technology) | Composition: Robby Lederer & Ch. Picco Kellner | Director: Eva Billisich | Stage & Puppets: Nico Oest | Pictures: Carina Ott